Saturday, 5 May 2018


Banbury Amateur Radio Society (G0BRA) has a constructors group. Along side talks about the fundamental components of a radio (R, C, L, ICs, Transistors etc) the plan is to do some homebrew building.

So BARS will make a Bicycle - we call it the BARSICLE. This is a project to build a very simple SSB transceiver. At the start we will build some tools

* A power supply (probably a commercial purchase SMPS of 12V

* A signal generator - which will morph into the VFO for the TCVR

* An RF signal & power (into 50R) meter

These will be based around the Arduino Nano which will bring coding skills.

Here's the pan for the VFO

Screen Shot 2018 05 16 at 08 52 23

A single PCB carrying the Nano, a Si5351 module with 3 RF outputs (eventually for RX & TX oscillators) and, optionally, a Real Time Clock (Shack clock, WSPR).

Wish us luck. Everything will eventually be put on GitHub/M0IFA for any other clubs to use.