Saturday, 9 April 2016

Plan for a Home Automation system

Actually what I would like to do is just control the lights in my home. But in a new way.

Recently there has been announced a very interesting new Arduino Shield product, the MOVI Voice Recognition shield. This is a stand alone VR shield that has its own 2GB dictionary and phonetic sound translation system. You train it with text phrases, it translates these into English phonetics and is then able to recognise these phrases when you speak into the built-in (or external) microphone. Providing a unique output to the Arduino for each phrase recognised.

Screen Shot 2016 04 09 at 17 13 27

My plan is like this:

Block Diagram

I would use the Energenie RF controlled sockets, these have a 433.92MHz RX and recognise a unique ID, Number and control (ON/OFF) transmission from a small TX on a new Arduino shield. The recognised voice phrase will be translated by software on the Arduino to transmit the correct codes to turn ON/OFF the sockets.

So that's the project, now to acquire the MOVI shield, some Energenie sockets and build the RF TX shield (very simple) I will also build a RX shield so that I can find out the codes sent by an Energenie transmitter.