Monday, 4 November 2019

TFT display

There are some interesting TFT 3.5" displays on the market today. These plug directly into an Arduino, but if this is an UNO then they occupy all the I/O pins! But if an Arduino Mega is used then there are more than ample other pins to use - both digital and analog.

There is also a couple of libraries which make programming the display relatively easy

- Adafruit GFX
- MCUFRIEND_kbv (what a kinky name!)

These can be used natively to address the display.

But I have re-written my popular OLED header (Oled.h) which provides functions suitable for many Amateur Radio applications - Bar graphs, Frequency, Date & Time, messages...

This is called TFT.h

All the info you need to use this header file in on my site Here you will find the libraries needed and a TFT TEST sketch (under UTILITIES) so you can try it out and learn how to use it.