Thursday, 25 November 2010

Good news? - Broadband roll-out

Tony Baldry

I wrote to my MP (Tony Baldry) about the idea of having broadband as a mandatory utility. It seems he is taking a personal interest in this and working with the Oxfordshire CC.

David Robertson

I also contacted Ox CC directly (David Robertson) and they have yet to get back to me. Some plans are due to be announced in December?

Ed Vaizy

I have now received some information form Ed Vaizy himself (Min Culture, Comms & Creative Ind, Dep of Biz, Info & Skills). I summarise what he says,

1 The 2Mbps broadband is a Universal Service Commitment, it is a minimum "floor". So he has committed £530M from the CSR (Comprehensive Spending Review) to broadband rollout.

2 We need investment in super-fast broadband and aim to have the best in Europe by 2015.

3 In the spending review four pilot projects were announced for provision of super-fast broadband in rural and remote locations.

4 The £530M support is only part of the solution. The private sector he believes will provide access to 2/3rds of the population by 2015. The £530M is intended to support broadband rollout to those parts of the country the market won't reach on its own.


A national broadband strategy will be launched in December.

Clear as mud isn't it?

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