Wednesday, 20 March 2013

its budget day again

What i want to see is a strategy, not one that maintains our AAA rating (well AA1 anyway), but one that is for we, the people.

So what do we, the people, want? We need to split the discussion into two parts:

1 Expenses. People are being squeezed because of rising outgoings. What is worse is that most of a family's outgoings are out of their control - council tax, mortgage, energy costs, fuel, etc etc. The flexibility people have is almost reduced to food, and to cut that you starve.

So the first thing we have to do is to get more money circulating through families, which means one of two things, cut taxes (income and VAT) and boost salaries. Salaries can be boosted if companies have reduced costs in other ways, or have big incentives to expand, especially export.

2 Capital. People have been basically robbed, by concerted moves by bank and finance organisations (building societies and insurance companies), sucking out there wealth. Today people do not have wealth, they have debts. But the top 2% has 80% of the wealth. And people have to get it back.

So two strategies have to be launched by the government to reverse these two issues and get increased money in people's pockets and wealth back in their lives.

We MUST stop fussing around the edges about "poor people", "social care" etc. These are consequences of the issues above, and addressing them will not cure the fundamental challenges.

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