Monday, 18 February 2019

SSB Exciter project - XTAL FILTER

So the next step is to try out a Xtal filter. I have four 11059.2kHz xtals and have wired them up like this

IMG 0082

I tried them out on the breadboard, which is not the best place to build a xtal filter! I connected the input directly to the Si5351 SIGGEN output and measured the response using my RF Meter. The breadboard now looks like this

IMG 0970

This is what I got

Screenshot 2019 02 18 at 16 15 28

The filter is 2.9kHz wide. And to generate USB the carrier should be at 11056.2kHz, and for LSB 11059.1kHz. All is looking good. The circuit now needs an output buffer. When I have built this I will have basically the first half of my exciter done.

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