Sunday, 28 March 2010

A change of tune?

It is becoming clear that there is a fundamental difference between the Labour and Conservative offering for the up-coming election. It is not just as an issue of "time for change" or whatever, versus "secure the future".

What we are seeing is a completely different approach at a higher level, I hope. The C's propose a new philosophy, versus L's simplistic targets and figures. The C's propose a vision, versus L's deluded, low level, meddling in our affairs.

What you have to understand is the C's proposed changed state, that enables you not oppresses you.

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So let's look at things in a bit more detail. Governments in general run things badly, they waste money on bureaucratic services and the have a tendency to play politics with essential services. Just look at the history of failed IT projects, or the unbelievable expansion of worthless jobs like Diversity Officers, or the political football they make of protecting front line services, while at the same time mandating NHS cuts, called improving efficiency.

Cut back & Make accountable

So what is needed is to cut government back, and things will get better, not worse. And to make us feel better about it lets have them more accountable to us directly, especially at the local level.

More and more power has been seized by the state, so much so that everyone feels a lack of personal responsibility for themselves and their own actions. Problems like anti-social behaviour, irresponsible parenting and child pregnancy, and a general refusal to accept any civic responsibility - due to the growth of "political correctness" - are all due to the trend of thinking that the government is the only source of moral authority and social protection. But personal ethical judgement will be a lot stronger if the government is less intrusive. We don't want an expensive monster that interferes and meddles in our lives.

Social engineering cannot replace neighbourly caring. We need to give people the power to run their own lives and the power to run services they immediately depend on. We need to pull off the government tentacles.


Ask yourself, has Labour central government and their determination to deliver social equality actually reduced deprivation? No.

Look at the increase in

- the inequality in education achievement
- the inequality in health outcomes
- the inequality in earnings
- the inequality in housing quality
- the inequality in job creation

No to a strong state machine, gives more hope

The overweening, over-spending, over-intrusive state is not the answer. It is not our future. It promotes deprivation which is closely associated to passivity, defeatism, despair . Whereas poorer communities would actually benefit from less paternalistic government and more self determination.

Giving people more responsibility and power over their lives will enable them to see a future for themselves that is not hopeless.

We have to redefine "fairness". Fairness today is seen that people working hard and improving their lives are committing social theft. Stealing opportunity from others. - the advert that is not allowed to say "we are looking for someone who is reliable", as this disenfranchises the unreliable!

We have to realise that "equality of opportunity" which means everyone gets an equal chance, is not measured by equality of outcome.

So there it is, a better outcome if you do not vote for more of GB's class war.

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