Wednesday, 10 March 2010

ACTA action, Lisbon is on its way

I quote here from an email I received from Caroline Lucas Euro MP, 10-3-10. The Lisbon Treaty now gives the European Parliament a lot more powers over the EU Commission and they intend to exercise this power to demand that ACTA negotiations are open up to the public.

"Whilst the secrecy surrounding the ACTA talks remains a key focus for Green MEPs, there are also two main other areas Caroline and her Green colleagues on the International Trade Committee are concerned about:

1 ACTA looks likely to try and control digital communication and Internet Service Provider liability for customer traffic; Greens strongly reject that as incompatible with fundamental rights and data protection/privacy.

2 ACTA also intends to impose common criminal law enforcement measures, despite the EU not yet having any common criminal law. Greens do not want to see due EU process circumvented by a plurilateral trade agreement. Moreover, other ACTA participants such as the US even want no distinction made between commercial scale piracy and personal use, which would allow an open door on e.g. control of iPods etc at borders. Again, this is completely unacceptable for the Greens."

My reply was,

"Keep up the good work and stop this ACTA business, or at least get it changed to remove the hazards to our beliefs and way of life.

I believe that some compromise has to be reached that can leave the internet free, using existing laws to combat file sharing. But that it has to be tough enough to fight criminal.


Now its up to you, call or email your MP to get the ridiculous UK Digital Bill stopped until it can be redrafted to remove the parts which are clearly against EU directives and laws. And also complain about ACTA which could do even worse to your freedoms.

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